Woman’s or Co-Ed Team

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I’m interested in joining a softball team for this summer.  I played most of my childhood through high school and want to get back into it.  Email me talia.brown@gmail.com if someone has an openning on their  team or if they need a sub.



Have you seen me on ESPN?

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I really miss baseball and I can play. I played for a College. I just want to play again. I f you need a guy call me.

need a sub to catch

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i need a sub to catch on thursday night may 7th at 6pm
please call if you can play.
jeremy hageman

Veteran Fastpitch player Looking for Thursday team

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I’ve played 13 seasons of fastpitch including the last two in Boulder, but my team folded this year. Have played everywhere except “in the circle”, but probably strongest at 2nd, 3rd, or the corner outfield positions.  If you’ve got an opening or interest email jtsmied@yahoo.com.

One Man, Looking for a Team

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I played some company co-ed last summer down at Softball Country, and realized how much I missed playing softball.

I’m 26, live in Longmont and work in Denver and can play anywhere in the field but prefer the outfield.  I’m competitive, but more looking to have fun and play on either a co-ed or mens E team.  Shoot me an e-mail at bradfordjgay@gmail.com  if you have a spot and I’ll get back to you pretty fast.

Coed Tuesday Team needs one more girl

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We need one more girl on our coed Tuesday team.  Our first game is Tuesday, May 5th at 7pm.  We have VERY fun people on the team – just need one more!  Skill level is not terribly important – we’re in this for fun.  Email me if you’d like to play!

One Man, Looking for a Team

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I’m 22, moved out here last August from Tallahassee, where I played a pick up game every weekend with a bunch of people from the English department at FSU. I like to have fun, play outfield (can throw runners out at home from center field), and have more fun. Write me at brossdavis@gmail.com or call 561.601.9981 if you’re looking for someone to play. Peace.

Looking for a team. New to Town

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Hey everyone. I’m new to Boulder and I’m wanting to join a couple of teams for this summer and hopefully longer. I’m used to playing at least 3 nights a week and would like to continue that here. I’m a solid top of the order hitter with an OBP typically near .600. I can play all positions well, but I’m a natural left-side INF. While I have played serious competitive leagues and tournaments before, I enjoy playing rec and semi-competitive leagues and tournies more…having a good time is more important than some game. I’ll be available all nights, either men or co-ed as well. If I sound like a good fir for you team, shoot me an e-mail at levi_02@hotmail.com or give me a call or text at 281-684-8000. See you all out there.


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