3 players looking for a team

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2 guys, 1 girl looking for coed team. Any night works. We’re all all decent players and can play in any positions required. One southpaw.

Contact Finn at rfinnmurphy@gmail.com or call 508-221-8481.



26 yr old male wanting to join casual slow-pitch league

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Howdy.  I’ve played some softball in my past and was a baseball player in High School.  Been out in Boulder for 2 years now itching to get back on the field.  I like first base or outfield but would be willing to play anywhere.  my email is joshuajgross@gmail.com.


21 year old male looking for a spot on any team

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Hi, I am a 21 year old male and I have played baseball for 8 years. Im looking to play any level, competitive or more recreational, Co-ed or mens league, Slow or fast pitch . I play infield or outfield  and I can play any day of the week. I live in Boulder and am willing to travel. Please call or email me – Ph: 720 341 6501 or william_schwab@yahoo.com. Thanks!


Free Agents available for end of Spring League

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If there are any teams that need a quick filler for the last couple of weeks of Spring, I can sub in a jiff. I have three years of experience in a city league, and feel comfortable at any level of competition.

If more players are needed, I do have two friends who would come happily bearing glove.

My name is Max and contact is 510-343-4593

Two guys and a girl (is that a movie title?) looking for a team in summer league

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Looking to join a team for the summer league, D Rec slow pitch softball.  Spots available please contact:  mclausen002@yahoo.com.


31 yr old athletic couple looking to join softball team

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Hello there, I realize this may be a little late notice but my husband and I are looking to join a softball team together for the summer. Both of us are very athletic and played softball/baseball when we were younger. My husband can play just about any position and I can play any with the exception of catcher. Contact me at stephaniezetts@gmail.com.

23 year old woman looking for a softball team

April 9, 2010 at 12:50 pm | Posted in Coed, Women | 4 Comments

Hi, I’m sort of new to Boulder and I want to play softball. I played in HS, and every year prior, but I have not played since, besides a few recent visits to the batting cages. My hitting is still on though. I can pretty much play any position, I was a catcher in HS but I don’t feel that that is my strongest position. I’m interested in a co-ed team or a women’s team. I would prefer fast pitch. I like to win, but mostly looking to have fun! Let me know if you need a team member– 516-998-6882

– Casey

26 year old Male looking for a slow pitch softball team

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I am a 26 year old male looking for a team to play for.  I am not a superstar, but a solid player that has played baseball in high school and moved onto softball since.  I am willing to play for whoever, and will enjoy whatever type of team dynamic there is, but I would prefer a team that likes to have fun and would prefer to win.  E-mail me at JMScotto@gmail.com  Thanks

Looking for a slowpitch league

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I tried to get some people together to start a summer league but couldn’t find enough interest. I am looking for either a league who needs a player, I have always played second base but I would be willing to play in the outfield if need be. I could also be able to find some extra players if need be. You can reach me via email at harry.clayman@colorado.edu

23 year old looking for co-ed team

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My name is John, I am 23 years old and I am a pretty good athlete. I was captain of both my high school football and lacrosse team, and I played football all throughout college. I am a fun guy and think that I would be a valuable asset to any team.  Feel free to email me at jtmaxwell077@gmail.com. Thanks.


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