Spring 2011 Free Agents

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My Friend and I are both looking to join either a co-ed or a men’s softball team for the Spring 2011 Season.
We’re both 21 and students at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

As far as skill level is concerned, I played youth baseball from the age of five until I was sixteen; I know the fundamentals, but may be a little rusty. I can play most every position on the field.  To my knowledge, my friend played baseball as a kid. I don’t know what positions he is limited to, but I’m sure he’s pretty flexible.

Thus, we’re looking to join either the E competitive or E Recreational league.
We highly desire to play on the same team, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re in need of only one player.

– Philip 7209339258, 161lip@gmail.com


Looking for a team

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I’d like to find a spot (regular or sub) on a coed or men’s softball team in Boulder this year.  Prefer a team with others close to my age – I am 25.  I’ve played for 13 years and can play anywhere but pitcher.

Email Kevin at kvaishna@gmail.com


Looking For A Slow Pitch Team

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I just moved to Boulder and I am looking for a men’s slow pitch softball team to play on. My experience is 20 years of slow pitch and 10 years of baseball. I can play any position, even pitcher. I am right handed and hit for average with some speed. Looking for a fun team to play on starting this spring. My name is Corey, you can reach me on my cell (415-517-4872) or coreylitwin@Mac.com.

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