Looking to join a mens softball team

May 27, 2011 at 12:13 pm | Posted in Men | 6 Comments

55 y.o. male looking for softball team to join.  Years of previous baseball, basketball, fast pitch softball and slow pitch softball experience.  (Played on the Israeli National Fast Pitch Softball Team for years).  Have not played in years, but interested in getting involved again. Please contact me.  Thanks



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  1. Hey, my name is Zach Lass. I go to CU in Boulder. I have a bunch of ex-ball players and we are all looking for a team to play on. We would love to find a league to play in and definitely have you on our team. We need to still find a league that has not started yet which may be a challenge, but I think we can do it. Let me know and if you have some friends that want to play that would be awesome also. Talk to you soon. Thanks.

    -Zach Lass

  2. Zach,
    Any luck finding a team?? I guess sign ups for the August league are due soon. Let me know. Thanks, Joe

    • If you and the players that Zack has are interested in starting a team, let’s try to pull something together and start our own team. I am up for it and could probably pull in a few other guys. We do need to sign up soon though.


      • Dean,
        Sounds like a good idea. How many players do you have that are definately in? Zach, have you got some definately committed players? How many should we have on our roster? Let me know. Also, we have to decide on which level to compete. Joe

  3. you guys still trying to put a guys team together? Me and a few friends are interested in joining if so, hoping for Tuesday nights E Comp….

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