Thurs Coed Team looking for a girl

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We are looking for a girl to replace a spot we lost for fall. We are a coed E comp team who plays on thursday nights in Boulder at Stazio. First game is 8/15. We are a fun team and we are pretty good.   Not looking for someone who has never played before,  We love to have fun and like to win, but not over competitive. Anyone interested email me at You can come check us out before you commit if you want. Let me know and have you come watch one of our last couple summer games or see us play in the championship.

Thank you,



Would like to play on a Men’s D League team

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My name is Don and I am looking to join a Men’s D League softball team, preferably on Thursday night.  I just moved to Boulder from the Bay Area and I have played competitive softball for 25 years, mostly as an outfielder.   Please contact me at 510-289-1698 or

Free-Agent looking for a team in a Men’s D Rec league

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Just moved to Boulder. Played many a season in San Luis Obispo’s competitive league. Will play anywhere, can pitch, like middle infield, line drive hitter. Rob Durham – – 805.441.4604

Looking to join a Men’s Rec D team, or fast pitch team this Fall

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I am 29 years old and looking for a D league or fast pitch team to play with this fall. I have been playing in the casual co-ed league for the past year but would like to play in a more competitive league, please contact me if your team needs a new player!

Two ladies needed for co-ed team

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My team, The Angry Beavers are looking for two female softball players to play this fall. We are an E Rec team that has played together for some years now and have a lot of fun. We will be playing Wednesday nights at Mapleton starting 8/14. We are finishing off our summer season at Stazio on Tuesday nights if you would like to come meet us! You can email me if interested.



Three ‘older’ guys looking for a Fall E league team

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Our Summer Team didn’t want to play fall but we are open to suggestion.
We use to play D and then E every year for the past 20 it seems. 

I, Mark, still currently play MSBL Baseball, so I’m not too shabby. Infield and pitch a bit, could do the same in softball.

Rich, he just played softball, outfield, an average player.

Mike, longtime ball player, bigger guy and can hit it a ways, sticks to first but can play anywhere if needed

We are use to just drinking beer and have fun. So if your short and can use three amigos , get in touch (we’re 50)MUDHEN Mark-ss

Fall Slowpitch softball pitcher looking for a team

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Hi, I just moved to Boulder and have been playing 2, some seasons 3, games per week for the past few years. I would love to get on a team for Fall League. My schedule is flexible.

I enjoy mens E or D or co-ed. I have been a pitcher for 90% of the leagues I’ve played in, otherwise I played second or right center. I am a consistent hitter and really just want to play with a team that likes to have fun. Let me know if you are looking for an extra.,


Looking for Coed E-rec or E-comp team for fall.

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Hi,  I just moved here from Seattle and I’m looking to play some softball.  I played for 2 years in a recreation league in Seattle and have played baseball in the past.  I’m 29 years old and would love to join a team around my age. I am also interested in pick up games and I currently have a very flexible schedule.  Please contact me if you have an opportunity. My email is:



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