Female(s) Needed for Thursday Night Team ASAP

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Hello There!

I manage a Thursday night Co-Ed “E” Comp team and we’re in desperate need of 1-2 ladies to join our team.  We’ve had two girls back out last minute, including one last week and so we’ve gone from starting the season with 6 girls to only having 4.  We’re a relatively young, fast, fun, nice team that tries to avoid the BS and drama that can pop up in these leagues.  And, it also helps that we’ve also been relatively successful over the last couple years.  Our team has been slowly compiled over the last couple years and if those two didn’t back out we would’ve returned all 12 players from summer league and our “core” players have been playing consistently with us for the last 4-5 seasons.

The fall season is 10 weeks/games long and we have 8 games left with a game tomorrow night.  If you’re interested please get back to me as soon as possible with any questions/concerns you have and I’ll get back to you ASAP.



Still hoping to join a team or play as a sub

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I’m still looking to join a softball team, of any type.  I have played for numerous years and am versatile enough to play many positions.  I’m 38 years old but still have some wheels and am in good shape due to year-round soccer.  Most importantly, I want to have fun and miss playing softball.  Moreover, I live a few blocks from Mapleton fields and am available as a late sub as well….but will play anywhere.   Thanks for the consideration.  My email is markzais@gmail.com.


Mark Zais


looking for fall league

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im a 29 year old male looking to join a team. any division is fine. I can play 2nd 3rd short or outfield. played baseball in college but am looking for a fun beer league.

413 687 3756


Male looking to join a Co-ed E Comp Team Wed/Thurs

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My name is Aj. I am interested in playing softball. I have never played baseball or softball but I do play other sports and have been to the batting cages and catch and throw. Im 23 years old and would be interested in teams playing on wed or thurs in E comp or E rec. Feel free to email me if you need a sub too would love to get some game action! Would prefer to play games at stapleton. I’m just starting out so I just have a glove, so hopefully theres a bat out there I could borrow! Complete rookie here… 


Male looking for softball team, permanently!!

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Hey my names Brian Skrzypczak and im 22. I currently live in Winfield Illinois, and will be moving to Boulder come this Saturday the 17th and am looking for a serious slow pitch twelve inch mens softball team. I play full time right for D&P Construction. Last year we won state state for the southern silver division, and just won the super state title for the silver division as well. We’ve won many park district titles and have a bid to nationals this year. I’ve been playing for four years now and would fit great in any outfield. Looking for another serious team so please let me know if anyone has any openings or knows of other team looking for one.





Male Looking to Play Ball in the Fall!!!

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I’m 22, with a number of years experience playing softball. New to Boulder – looking to play competitive but I’m willing to play in any league (slow or fastpitch). Ideally I’d like to play full-time but I’ll also play part-time. Let me know. reesor.john@gmail.com  

Male looking for competitive team in Fall

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I am a 28 year old male looking for an E comp or D rec co-ed team. I have experience pitching, catching, 1st base and outfield.


Looking to join men’s team for fall

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I’m looking to play D-rec or maybe E-comp on Monday or Tuesdays. I’ve been managing a D-rec men’s team that decided not to play in the fall. I’m 32 and hit pretty consistently and usually play 2nd base or outfield.




Looking to Join (or sub) Softball Team

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I’m looking to join a softball team, preferably Co-ed due to the convenience of many games at Mapleton.  I have played for several years in softball leagues but have been on a hiatus for 2 years due to a focus on playing soccer.  Now, I am trying to do both.  I am in my 30’s and am in good physical condition.  Even if you don’t have a current spot on your team, I would be happy to fill-in if you need a substitute.  My email is markzais@gmail.com.


Mark Zais


Looking to play on women’s Wed. night team

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Hello All,

I currently play on a co-ed team on Tuesday nights.  I would also like to join a women’s team on Wednesdays should anyone be looking for another player this fall.

Feel free to email me at lesleyhenderson54@gmail.com



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