woman for women’s recreation team-free agent

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Hi-I would like to join a Wednesday-women’s recreation team if anyone needs an extra or one of your players went down. I can play first base, slow/arc pitcher or outfield. I’m kind of old (53) but fun.
My info is-Kathy-303-465-2573. I’m reliable-so if I say I will be there-I will. Hope to hear from someone.


Male, 27, looking to join mens competitive softball league or co-ed league

May 15, 2015 at 8:53 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

My name is Mike, I’m 27 and have played baseball competitively for a majority of my life. I’ve also played in multiple softball leagues over the years too. I’m always looking to get picked up to play on Co-Ed or Competitive Mens leagues every season. I’m in great shape and have a high endurance. I’m also very competitive and hate losing, but if it’s Co-Ed, I lean towards having more fun. I’m a very strong player at Short Stop and 3rd Base and prefer playing one of those positions, but I’m flexible and can play any position if needed. I’m also a great power hitter and situational batter.

Please call or text me at 508-981-3176 if you are interested and want to talk further. You can also email me at mrabin1987@gmail.com


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