Male, 27, looking to join mens competitive softball league or co-ed league

May 15, 2015 at 8:53 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

My name is Mike, I’m 27 and have played baseball competitively for a majority of my life. I’ve also played in multiple softball leagues over the years too. I’m always looking to get picked up to play on Co-Ed or Competitive Mens leagues every season. I’m in great shape and have a high endurance. I’m also very competitive and hate losing, but if it’s Co-Ed, I lean towards having more fun. I’m a very strong player at Short Stop and 3rd Base and prefer playing one of those positions, but I’m flexible and can play any position if needed. I’m also a great power hitter and situational batter.

Please call or text me at 508-981-3176 if you are interested and want to talk further. You can also email me at




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  1. Hey Mike, I am looking to form a team for the fall leagues, interested? Summer looks to have passed us by.

    • Hey I just saw this comment. I was picked up already for a Monday night Mens League in the Fall, but interested in playing with you if you still need someone for the Fall League? Also depending what night the league is. Email me at because I don’t usually check this.

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