Guy + girl (late 20s) semi-experienced looking for co-ed rec team

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Hey everyone!

We’re a couple in our late twenties who just moved to Boulder (and by *just* we mean yesterday!) and looking to join a softball league this summer.

We’ve played in a couple leagues in the past. She’s more comfortable in infield and he can play all positions.

It seems like there are concerns about couples going on vacation together and leaving the team short-handed; we will have to miss the first game as we’re out of town for a wedding but aside from that game, we have no planned vacations until after the season ends in August.

We are both fairly athletic – he plays a fair amount of tennis and she’s a triathlete. Mostly, we play to have fun but winning is always a nice plus!

If you’re interested in adopting us into your team, please message us ASAP at 989 two eight two 3737.



Looking for a team

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I just moved here and would love to play ball this summer but don’t have connections to a team.  I’m a little on the older side (early 50s) but in good shape, reasonably fast, and have some skills though I haven’t used them in a while.  Mostly I’d just like to have some fun and meet people.

Mark (

Fast pitch catcher looking for a team

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Hi all,
I’ve been a fast pitch softball catcher for about 30 years, played D1 college, and around here and abroad after. I’m looking for a team to catch for this summer–let me know if your team needs me!

Guy & Girl Needed for Summer – Wednesday CoEd E-Rec – Stazio

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I have a CoEd team and there are a guy and girl who unfortunately cannot play this Summer.  We are a pretty good team, made up of all abilities, that has been playing for a while. We like to win but more interested with having fun. 12 game season starting May 16th. Let me know if you are interested. 7 20 3 52 8 491 (call or text) or john.baublitz@gmail.

Thanks – JOHN

Update: I found a couple players.  Could still use one more girl.  Let me know

Wanting to playball!

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I have just moved to boulder from PA and looking to play some ball, I am Free Thursday night.

I have played softball for the last 10 years, I am willing to play any position, Best is the corners, and I can catch a pop ups in the outfield but not the fastest guy. The best part of the game is hitting and I am excited to see how far I could hit one up in the thin air. Let me know and I am ready now! I would be consider competitive, but I would like just to play some ball.

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