Looking for Spring Team

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My name is Andrew and I just moved to the area from California. Looking for a team to play with in the spring. Preferably men’s, but COED works too. I’m open to any position and I have experience playing the game. My email is drewplog@gmail.com. Phone number (916) 768-5285.


Looking to join co-ed spring team

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Hi there!

I am an energetic 27-year-old female looking to join a fun, young co-ed team for spring. I used to play fastpitch softball for many years, and am comfortable pretty much anywhere except for pitcher/catcher. I’m excited to join the Boulder softball scene! Please text me at (720) 244-8782.


Looking to join Monday Men’s E Rec Team

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Catcher. Lots of energy and enthusiasm, and just a little bit of ability.
Positive and supportive attitude. Many years of experience. If you’ve played in this league, you know me.

Terry at (303) 618-7981 or dterrancefemmer@mail.com

Free Agent – Kice

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hello team captains,

my name is Josh and I am hoping to join a competitive men’s softball team for the spring season! I am an experienced baseball player and have played many years of softball. I’m an agile and quick 25 year old who’s positioned best at shortstop or 3rd base. I know those are coveted spots though so I will play whatever position is open just so I can get back out on the field! Please reach out to me if you are in need of another player for just a game or ideally for the entire season! Best of luck to everyone and I hope to see you all out there!


(720) 346 3477

Looking for a team

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Hi! My name is Tara and I’m a 22 yr old female looking for a team. I’ve played softball for as long as I can remember and I was a pitcher and played 3rd. Honestly I can play anywhere just looking for a team! My email is tkelly5454@gmail.com let me know!

Male looking to join Spring Softball

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My name is Matt (26) and I am looking to join a men’s or co-Ed softball team. I played baseball through college and slowpitch softball for the past 3 years. Open to play any position and can be free any day of the week.

Please let me know if you are in need of additional players.


Matt.powell22@yahoo.com / 703-389-9636

Spring softball

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33 year-old woman looking to join co-ed team this spring. Email me at mgsherkow@gmail.com, thanks.

Male Looking To Join Spring Softball

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I am a male that is new to boulder. I am looking to get onto either a mens or co-ed team this spring. I can play all positions. If you are looking to fill a spot please reach out to me here or at daxmc85@gmail.com. Thanks and I look forward to helping a team!

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