Late 20s athletic-ish woman wanting to join a team for the fall!

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Hey everyone, myself and a female friend of mine are hoping to join a coed softball team that plays Tuesday or wednesday. Anybody need two more?

Help! Need subs for tonight!

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Hi All,

We have a game tonight at 6 and some of my players dropped out last minute. We’re on Mapleton fields, Co-ed REC league. We’ve got 4 guys and 3 gals right now. So we definitely need at least one more lady, but could use both!

Let me know!



30 y/o Athletic Male Looking to sub or join team

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I’m looking for a team to join or to be a fill in for any team that needs it! Right now I have availability all nights except for Tuesday after 8:30. 303-859-5903

Here to hit beers and drink balls…wait. lol

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That was a bad start. Well, if your still reading this I’m glad you have a sense of humor. I’m a semi athletic guy who’s looking to join a fun team, meet some new friends, and do the reverse of what the title says.

I like to keep it light and silly but I also love to win. I’m a competitive team player who can put my rally cap on during a close game and joke around most other times. I’m a right handed player who doesn’t mind playing where needed but I’m not much of a pitcher.

If you need a player that’s pretty OK at softball (definitely not the worst) let me know!


Thanks, Rob

25 y/o athletic male looking to join competitive softball league

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I am looking to join a competitive softball league, fast pitch or slow. I played baseball from tee ball to high school as a shortstop and center fielder. Available any day! Avery – 812-657-2411

Do you need another male player?

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Hello, looking to join an existing male or co-ed softball team.

Experienced ball player. Can play any position (except not great pitching), fun to be around but plays hard. Caribe 720-308-1179

Available Any Day – Male and/or Female Subs for Coed League

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Hi everyone,

My girlfriend Brittany and I (Jeff) just moved here last week from Canada. We are looking to get out and play some ball and are both available on pretty much any weeknight to be subs for teams in the Coed summer league.

We are both in our mid twenties and athletic. We’ve both played provincial level baseball in Canada and would love to get out to play some ball, meet some new people, and have some fun! (We are not opposed to drinking a few beers either!)

Jeff – left hand pitch, bat right, can play any position.

Brittany – Right hand pitch, left bat, prefers infield but can play outfield if need be.

You can text me (Jeff) at (720) 919-5804 and Brittany at (720) 919-5528 if you need a sub or two!


Jeff & Britt

Looking for rec softball for fall season

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Male looking for a recreational male softball for the fall season. I’ve played baseball for many years and also have played recreational softball. I’m moving to Boulder in August and will be looking for a team.

My phone number is+15857649228

Guy & Girl Needed for Fall – Wednesday CoEd E-Rec – Stazio

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I have a CoEd team and there are a guy and girl who unfortunately cannot play this Fall. We are a pretty good team, made up of all abilities, that has been playing for a while. We like to win but more interested with having fun. 10 game season starting August 21st.

Let me know if you are interested. 7 20 3 52 8 491 (call or text) or john . baublitz@ gmail.

Thanks – JOHN


UPDATE (9/2): I have found the guys. Just need one more girl.

Free agent; fall season

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I’m looking to join a men’s or co-ed team for the fall season. I’ve played high school (Fairview), university club teams, and various city leagues. I’m a good teammate and love to be out there on the field. Thank you, Denys (3038802189)

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