This site is for team managers and players to connect with each other quickly.

For examples, see the Boulder Soccer Web site.

How to use the free agent sites:

If you want to create a post or comment on an existing one, send an email that specifies the sport you are interested in to the correct person — see list below. Please include the email address you would like to be used to create your WordPress account. The coordinator will then add you to the approved list and you will receive an email from the WordPress website granting you the ability to post:

After sending the email to the correct coordinator, you will then be granted permission to post to the specific sport forum. *Please note: it may take 1-2 business days to be granted permission to post to the forum!

Softball, Kickball & Dodgeball: Connor Bulger, bulgerc@bouldercolorado.gov
Soccer, Basketball & Volleyball: Ward Davis, davise@bouldercolorado.gov

Off-topic posts will be deleted. Even posts related to softball, but not related to teams and players connecting. This is not the place to post reviews of any kind. If you have questions or comments, please contact us.

Never, under any circumstances pay someone your team dues until arriving for your first game.


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