Two high profile free agents ready to play

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Hi, we are two huge baseball fans / free agents who used to play ball in high school and college. Sadly we missed the cut-off to be added to a team this year, but would love to play and are available to sub-in for any team, on just about any day needed. Both of us are capable of playing infield and/or outfield positions. We have our own gloves and bats, we can also make team t-shirt jerseys if desired with our screen printing press. Please reach out at either 630-945-7416 (Ryne) or 305-587-7312 (Armen) to add us to your roster today, or inquire about custom t-shirt jerseys. Looking forward to helping your team make the playoffs!


Trying to play some softball!

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Hi! I would like to join a softball team or at least sub. I have some experience. I could play anywhere, second or first would be best. Please let me know if you need someone. 816-682-9122

Looking to join softball team! CoEd or Mens (slow or fast pitch). Experienced. Lefty. Primarily Outfield. Will always bring beer :)

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Hey teams!

Like I said in the title, I’m looking to join a softball team for the summer league. I know the season already started but if anyone is in need of another play, I’m happy to join!

I am a 25 year old grad student working at CU Boulder. I’ve played baseball/softball pretty much my entire life from travel leagues, high school, intramurals, and rec leagues. I hit and throw lefty so obviously trying to play some shortstop… haha nah I primarily play outfield and can pitch some slow pitch pretty well. I’d like to say I’m pretty fast and have a solid arm. Happy to play wherever I’m needed! Mainly, I just love playing softball/baseball so I’m always happy to play whenever I can! Most importantly, I’ll always bring beer 🙂

Anyways, if anyone is in need of another player, feel free to hit me up!


Tyler –, 9083285956

Occasional Substitute for Softball Summer League

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I am looking to participate in Boulder Summer Softball League. Doesn’t matter if Coed or Serious team competition. Not that Coed can’t be serious.

I am 59 year young Male with softball team participation for Philadelphia Electric and Boeing Vertol. I played hardball in grade school and high school. I am best positioned in the field (prefer left) or Catcher. Can hit fairly well and can cover some ground. Would love to be full time team player next year but can not commit due to previous travel arrangements.

If any team is looking for a good utility player, I would be happy to practice and play for you. Please text or call if additional information is needed.

Will Scott 301.602.1515

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Summer League roster spot?

(Mapleton fields only/ Coed E-Rec or E-Rec-LR)

///////// May 15th Update \\\\\\\\\ Wednesday or Thursday leagues — will be there available as a “Walk-On”

Hello Team Managers.

Experienced “free agent” ready to start playing ball and having fun next week. Thanks for contacting me soon — I will check for messages daily.

Recently returned to Boulder, willing to play any positions except pitcher or catcher. Looking forward … thanks. Mike

Looking for two Ladies

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I’m looking for two women to join our team. Were a CO-ED new team. We play Wednesday nights in south Boulder. We just wanna hit the ball, drink a beer and have some fun!! If your interested please email me @


Need a strong guy for Sunday nights

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We lost a great outfielder on our Sunday night team. We are looking for a guy to replace him! Just one game in. Coed team. Great fun and great people! Thanks!

25 Year Old Mini White Version of David Ortiz (Big Papi) You want big hits? Pick me :) but just remember, I’m literally like David Ortiz, left handed, good at batting, and not as good defensively in comparison to my offense skills. Anyway PICK ME :)

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Looking for men’s softball team, E Rec, Monday or Tuesday. Pitcher, 1st, 2nd. 25 years experience.

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Great pitcher looking for CoEd team this summer

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I’m a strong pitcher that doesn’t like to walk players! I have a strong bat, and love the game. I’m available most nights, and would love to join a team this summer!

Trevor 303 909 4269

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